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Mouse embryonic stem cells
Neural stem cells (Sox2-Vimentin)
ES derived neural progenitor cells
ES derived neural rosettes
Fractals of neuroepithelial cells
Fractals of neuroepithelial cells
Human embryonic stem cells
ES derived glia cells
ES derived motor neurons
Umbilical cord mesenchymal cells

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Stem cell metamorphoses


When Science meets

Art and Literature

Science communication and outreach activities

Mina Gouti has a long-standing interest in communicating stem cell research and its advances using a combination of art and literature in order to capture the attention and interest of the public.


She has had two exhibitions in Athens, Greece of her work sponsored by the Hellenic TT Bank (Eurobank) and Eugenides Foundation.


The exhibitions were entitled:

“Stem Cell Metamorphoses – three glances at the cell of our existence".  


The aim of the exhibitions was to communicate science in a simple and elegant way to the public. The exhibits consisted of 40 works of art – comprising digitally processed images of stem cells and differentiated cells as seen through the microscope (the images were printed on canvas and aluminium).  In each piece, there was a brief scientific description of the image as well as information about the related field of research. Apart from the scientific descriptions, 40 writers and 40 children wrote descriptions of what they saw in the images. This was another experiment in order to test whether scientific images and knowledge can inspire people and also make them include science in their lives.  The images, as well as the scientific and writers comments, were published in a book. The editing of the book was done by the journalist-anthropologist Mina Marougka and was freely available to the public.

Generation of human neuromuscular organoids to study disease and identify novel treatments.

Mina Gouti; Einstein-Center 3R

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